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Julius Nyerere's Support for Biafra,
My  father and mother,during the Nigeria-Biafra  Civil War in Umuahia, 1967/68.
Left, a Biafran tie over 40 years old, testimony to the ingenuity of its designers.
Biafran scarf
The hat dad wore as a major-general, retrieved from the family compound in Ikot-Ekpene
Biafran Airforce emblem
Ikot-Ekpene, southeastern Nigeria, at the onset of the Civil War.  In front, from left to right are my younger brother, Francis, on tricycle; my cousin, Nneka; me, standing right behind Nneka; and my older brother, Charles.  Behind, from left to right are Nkechi, my cousin, and my elder sister, Mercy.
Temporary asylees in Ireland after the Civil War, from left to right--Rosalyn, Charles, Valentine, Me, Mercy
Left, in Umuahia with dad, two older sisters, and two older brothers; I am first from left, kneeling
Biafran officers rank insignia
My younger brother, Francis, during the Civil War, in the background is an air raid bunker
Me and my siblings during the Civil War; back row, from left to right are my older sisters, Mercy and Rosalyn; front row, from left to right are Charles, Valentine, Francis, and me
My father and my mother, during the Civil War in Umuahia