1969, Major General Philip Efiong returning
from a visit to a refugee camp in Nto Edino
in present Akwa Ibom State
Obong (Major General) Philip Efiong, Akankang
Ibiono Ibom, in Ikot Ekpene, 2002
Right, Lagos, 15 January
1970, General Efiong shakes
hand with General Gowon
after surrender
1969, at parade to celebrate the Second Independence
Anniversary of Biafra; General Efiong is fourth from left;
General Ojukwu, Head of State, is fifth from left
January 1970, preparing for meeting in
Lagos at the end of the Civil War; second
from left is General Efiong, third is
Colonel O. Obasanjo  
1970, initial meeting between both sides
at the end of the War; from left to right:
General Efiong, Prof. Eni Njoku, Colonel
End of the War; In the true spirit of
African reconciliation, kola nut is shared;
General Efiong, extreme right, takes a
In Memory of my father, Obong (Major General)
Philip Efiong, Akangkang Ibiono Ibom
(November 18, 1925 - November 6, 2003)
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May the soul of a great dad and exceptional statesman
rest in perfect peace!
We will miss you dearly!
General & Mrs. Efiong, Umuahia,